SHILLONG: The Lajong Grassroots Clinic kicked off on 29th December and the Lajong Youth Coaches including the Technical Staff have visited six different localities in and around Shillong so far.

More than 700 children between the ages of 6-12 have participated and the Club hopes to see more young aspiring footballers come out to participate in the up coming grassroots clinic to be held at Madanryting on 11th January, Mylliem on 12th January, Laitlyngkot on 13th January, Umniuh on 14th January, Sohryngkham on 18th January and the Mega Festival will be held on the 19th January in Polo Ground Shillong.

Lajong Youth Coach Alison Kharsyntiew said, “So far we have conducted 6 grassroots program in different localities and the response has been huge. From each locality we have selected 10 players for the final grassroots program which will be held in Polo Ground Shillong.

There are a lot of good talent in every part of Meghalaya but talent is a waste if the players are not developed or trained. So during the program we encourage the sports members of each locality to organise such programs to nurture as well as scout for talented footballers for the betterment of football in our state.

In Laitor recently there were six girls who came to attend the grassroots clinic and they had a good session with us. We are extremely happy to see the interest growing among girls also in football. And we hope more girls from our state participate in such football clinics in the future”, he concluded.

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