MIZORAM: Mizoram Police FC finally moved out of the bottom of the table after coming out victorious in an entertaining 4-3 win against Ramhlun North FC.

MPFC only had a single point the first five matches but after a change of coaches, now playing under Lalbiaksanga Colney, the man who guided Bethlehem Vengthlang FC to the finals last year, the have earned consecutive three points.

Lalsangbera and Biaknunga threatened first for Mizoram Police FC in a very open first half. But it was Ramhlun North FC who struck twice in the space of two minutes to take the lead.

Lalremruata curled in a beautiful freekick on the 19th minute and added another on the 21st minute.

But Mizoram Police FC were able to turn the tide in the first half as they answered back with strikes from Zosangliana and F. Lalrinpuia on the 35th and 42nd minute.

And they carried their momentum in the second half with two goal in the space of 4 minutes. Lalfakzuala forced an own goal off Rosangliana in the 56th minute and scored himself in the 59th minute to give MPFC a two goal lead.

Lalremruata then completed his hattrick in the 73rd minute to give Ramhlun North FC renewed hope but MPFC were able to hold on to their lead till the end.

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