THIF: From 7s football in Malabar to one of the biggest club of India Mohun Bagan, how tough was this journey ?

Wahid Sali: I am realy proud to say that i m from Malabar 7s football. If i did not play 7s football then Wahid Sali would be a big zero.

THIF: How was the experience to be a part of Mohun Bagan’s dressing room ?

Wahid Sali: i enjoyed a lot with my co-players both inside & outside of the ground, senior players like Sandip da, Shilton, Denson, Aibor helped me & others new comers a lot.

THIF: You won player of the match award in your second match for Mohun Bagan, how was that feeling ?

Wahid Sali: Nothing special whenever i played in Mohun Bagan jersey i gave my best in the field. I played only two 90 minutes matches in I-League in one of them i got player of the match but with out my team mates it would be never possible.

THIF: During last few weeks of the season news were came that Karim Bencherifa had problems with some players in the team including you, tell us something about that ?

Wahid Sali: See we all have family and sometimes we all have some problems in family. sometimes Karim sir behaved like an emotional father and we should not take that personaly because end of the he was our guru. I have leared many things from him i don’t have any problem with Karim Sir some people missunderstood me.

THIF: Some people said Wahid Sali was not a ideal player for Kolkata football, your reaction on that ?

Wahid Sali: They were wright, because i came from a average team (ONGC) and i did not had much idea about Kolkata football, i tried to make everyone happy with my performence. I like to play for the team not for the gallarey because i am not an actor.

THIF: You got unbelievable response from the fans even before playing your first match for Mohun Bagan, how was that experience ?

Wahid Sali: I got tremendous support from the fans through out the season, i have somany good friends there. They know about Wahid Sali, i like to play with my heart. I will allways remain resonsible towards my fans.

THIF: You did not played any match for Mohun Bagan since October to end of the season so how you kept yourself motivated ?

Wahid Sali: I got injured during a match against SC de Goa and since then i did not played any match so it was very difficult to remain motived but my team mates and Karim Sir helped me a lot.

THIF: According to you what was the reason behind Mohun Bagan’s unsuccessful season ?

Wahid Sali: Brother i am a too small player to answer this question but in my opinion we played really well but luck was not in our favour, till Federation Cup semi final we played brilliantly, in IFA Sheild we only need one goal against Sheikh Jamal to qualify in the semi final where we played exelent but again luck did not favoured us. In this past season we had everything but we did not had luck.

THIF: Before coming to Kolkata you said you joined Mohun Bagan only to fulfil T.A. Rahman’s dream, so do youp think you have satisfied his soul ?

Wahid Sali: Well i think i have done enough to make his soul happy, and i know he is blessing me from heaven, i fell very proud to say that i am his student.


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  1. He should have been signed for Mumbai FC like clubs.I think signing with Mohun Bagan was one of the biggest mistake in his entire career.A club having fan pressure at high tempo should not be his club until he gets some major exposure.

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