Why do stands appear empty even though a game shows sold out?

A ticket is sold for a particular match day and not for either of the games. A good example for this would be the Match Days 1 and 2 at the New Delhi venue – even though tickets were sold out for the opening fixtures (5 pm kick off) on both days, the stands were sparsely filled. The second game (8 pm kick off) which featured the hosts however had more people attend it making the stands seem more filled.

Another reason why certain sections of the stands are unutilised, especially in certain venues is because of the seats that we aren’t using to ensure spectator safety –

Any person sitting in the stadium should be able to reach a safe space in 8 minutes which means some tiers weren’t accessible. After bucket seats were installed at all venues it was understood that the maximum available seats were reduced.

The seats which were made available thus for the tournament are the ones which adhere to the security recommendations.

Are all tickets for a game put up for sale?

There are contractual obligations with the Hosting Association, all the participating teams, all the 13 commercial partners of the Tournament, the host broadcaster, the signatories of host city, stadium and training site agreements and other stakeholders with which there are contracts with regards to the Tournament, to provide tickets.

All the tickets that have been put up for sale, are the maximum number of tickets that can be sold at each venue discounting these obligations.

How does attendance get calculated on a particular match day?

All tickets are scanned outside the stadium and numbers of the scanned tickets by 60th minutes are the ones that are reported as the attendance of the match on the 75th minute. It is carried out like any other FIFA tournament by the contracted ticketing agency and then conveyed to the General Coordinator at the venue.

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