A Quick Look At Career Prospect & Salary Outlook of Roofing Contractor

this is a picture at the site of construction managed by roofing contractor and masonry contractor

Roofing is all about the installation of roofs by using different types of materials. This might include shingles, metal, and asphalt. The whole process of roofing is performed by the help of a professional roofing contractor who typically performs so many other duties along with roofing installation. We spoke with the best roofer in Tracy, California to get an inside view of what it takes to run a roofing company.

Important Duties 

  • They will be inspecting the major roofing problems to figure out the actual method for repairing them.
  • Besides, they often do the roofing measurements to get an idea about the actual amount of material to be used in the installation.
  • They often install different vapor batteries as well as layers of various insulation.
  • To give the entire roof a watertight effect, they also install metals, shingles, and asphalt materials.
  • Roofing materials are cut down to make it get fitted all around the vents and walls.

Educational Criteria For Becoming a Roofing Contractor 

There is no such specific educational criterion that is required to become a roofing expert. Some of the professionals learn the basics of roofing through site job locations. Whereas many of them choose the platform of the apprenticeship program to learn about trading. 

Having mathematical skills and quick learning about mechanical drawing or blueprinting can come across to be a lot helpful in your profession! During the session of training programs, you will be able to learn about some essential core elements of machinery and roofing tools. In another session, you will be giving complete training about material cutting, measurements, and fitting of tools. This session will stay for around 3 months. 

Salary Outlook of Roofing Contractor Profession 

The annual wage salary of the roofing profession is around $35,280, as reported in 2012. The minimum earned salary can be almost $22,340, and the maximum can be $60,340. For the beginners, the starting salary will be 35% less as compared to those who are thoroughly trained and professional in this job task. 

Roofing profession is divided into two job categories i.e., full time and part-time. When it comes to the winter season, roofing projects are quite limited as compared to the summer season or rainfall season. In the rainfall season, the demand for roofing professionals gets increased by 20%. 

this image shows a roofing contractor project

Job Outlook of Roofing Contractor 

Since the year 2012, the job outlook of the roofing profession has increased to around 11%. By the year 2022, it is expected to witness high growth in the market by opening new job opportunities for the coming employees. Roofs get quickly deteriorated as compared to buildings, and therefore they require immediate repair and installation for giving it a better appearance. About two-thirds of the roofing projects are related to the replacement and repairing of roofs! This shows the actual reason why the profession of roofing is becoming so high in demand. 


It would not be wrong to say that the roofing profession has made itself to be one of the fastest rising occupations in the world. It is opening so many golden opportunities for the coming new roofing experts in this profession.